Refurbished machines

Refurbishing of Presse Offset :

After a strict cleanning, the machines are completely reassemblied.
All the master pieces are checked and changed if necessary.

All of our refurbished machines have new Böttcher or Sauer rolls.

We could set a kompac dampening to offset machines.

Refurbishing of Massicot :

Some refurbished Guillotine are equiped with a specialized programmation as M. CUT , MICROCUT or EG Elettronica on demand.
All of them are equiped of components and a new electric cabinet.

About mecanic, the used pieces are directly changed.

Schneider Electric (Telemecanique) contactors
Leuze Lumiflex infrared protection device
Leuze Lumiflex Two-hand relay

You can find below some exemples of refurbished Guillotines.

Guillotine PERFECTA 220

Guillotine POLAR 92

Guillotine WOHLENBERG 115

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